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showdown 2010 :)

 Showdown 2010

Actually..aku tak tahu pun pasal showdown 2010 ni .. maybe too busy.. (focus on the study because the final exam round the corner)hehe:D.Fantastic!! Bombastic!! that  can i express about this competition..but the  battle crew that has attracted me was the floor fever crew& wakaka crew..

floor fever crew
SD/SD5/SD10FF to 33399
vote for them!!

Formed 4 years ago back in 2002. Along the way the members come and go and until now, it resembles in the name, consist of talented young dancers that fir into various music genre that just give you the dance fever to go with the beat..Urban Dance is what they confessed...a mixture of hip hop, bboying, jazz, modern, contemporary, ballroom, theater & lyrical dance with a touch of 'street style'....

wakaka crew
 SD/SD5/SD10WKK send to 33399

 Wakaka crew was formed back in 2006 by the dancer & his childhood friend Joe in JB. According to Joe..the name "Wakaka" represents their tendencyto joke and fool around but also stands for their laid back philosophy "Walau Aku Kalah ..Aku Kisah Apa?". Following their establishment..Wakaka crew has graced stages in Thailand..Cambodia & even London. Maple Loo cited their audition as an "awesome display or strength and skills".  Captained by alam..the first champion of "You Can Think You Can Dance" Malaysia

Alam has developed a unique and effective way of teaching and performing breakdance, hiphop and Salsa in Malaysia and other countries such as Indonesia, Laos, India and Thailand. He is a versatile and passionate dancer, and has been invited to be a judge for several dance competitions too. He has performed in TV Shows, solo or group shows, opening shows, etc. His way of teaching is beyond technique, and often likes to share the understanding of music, movement, and culture with his students/dancers from all over the world.He learnt how to breakdance and dance other styles in his hometown, Muar,(proud to be johorian!! )and has learnt from professional teachers and performers ever since he started studying in KL and joined a dance competition called “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” in 2007. He gained a lot of experience from it, and is now an actor, freelance host, full-time choreographer, and event coordinator.

 The crew has been eliminated is:
Backyard Revolution Crew
Blacky Wacky
Feasible Crew
Funky UX Force
Return Crew
Soul Krazy

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